Discussion: Tech due diligence code scans in M&A

Mar 7, 2024
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Last week, there was an interesting LinkedIn discussion about third party workstreams for M&A deals. Here are 4 key points that Sema founder and CEO Matt Van Itallie responded to the discussion:

  • Technical due diligence, looking at the code of software companies or companies with software assets, has changed significantly in the last few years and more change is on the way.
  • What began as a qualitative-only process has become enabled by quantitative code scans. Among sophisticated PE investors, for example, a code scan to look for Open Source legal risk is all but required.
  • Some investors have expanded diligence code scans beyond Open Source legal risk to encompass security, code quality, development process and team.
  • Looking ahead, GenAI will become a key part of technical due diligence. This will encompass both:

Risks from GenAI in the code itself. Just like Open Source, it's code not written by the internal team, and comes with great benefits but also IP / security/ maintainability risks; and

Regulatory / legislative risk. These span thousands of GenAI policies that are being proposed. Acquirers / Investors will need to understand how laws from the continental policy like the EU AI Act to state-level rules can affect the companies' ability to operate while powered by AI.

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