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November 29, 2021

Product Update: 29 Nov. 2021

Snip Snip Hooray! - Introducing “Snippets": pre-written content that can be inserted into your comments based on thinking and advice from the world’s best sources

October 22, 2021

Product Update: 22 Oct. 2021

Introducing Personal Insights: see data on your coding performance and growth

October 3, 2021

Product Update: 03 Oct. 2021

Reuse Your Favorite Code Review Comments: Adding Your Own Suggested Comments

September 19, 2021

Product Update: 19 Sept. 2021

Introducing Go / Golang Suggested Comments

August 23, 2021

Product Update: 23 Aug. 2021

Lessons from Week 1: Introducing Community Engineering Guides

August 19, 2021

Product Update: 19 Aug. 2021

Introducing Release 1.0: A better Suggested Comment experience; Comment Exploration + Languages; Code Review Stats on the new Repo Dashboard

September 11, 2021

Emerging Growth Podcast: Technical Due Diligence

Sema CEO and Founder Matt Van Itallie joined Alex Shtarkman of Revolution Ventures and Aronson’s Kyle McQuighan to discuss technical due diligence on the Emerging Growth Podcast.

May 29, 2021

Future of Technology M&A Series: Interview with Oliver Vivell, Vice President Corporate Development, SAP

This interview is one in an occasional series of conversations with thought leaders in technology Mergers and Acquisitions. In this interview, Sema’s CEO Matt Van Itallie spoke with Oliver Vivell, Vice President of Corporate Development at SAP.