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The leading code scan for M&A and investment decisions.

The only scan to measure cyber risk, code quality, IP risk, process, team and cloud costs.

Our impact

$153 B

Sema has evaluated over
$200 Billion in investment value as of October 2022.


Our product

We’ve built the only solution that can:

  • Comprehensively assess cyber risk, internal security risk, third party risk, code quality, process quality, and team risk.

  • Analyze developer quality, not just quantity.

  • Express the results in ways that technologists and non-technologists can understand together.

Use cases

Use cases

and M&A

Mergers and Aquisitions

Buy-Side and Sell-Side, and post-merger integration.


CTO Onboarding

Get up to speed with a new team in weeks, not months.

Vendor Management Support

Vendor Management Support

Third party Development Shop Support and Management.

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