Code is a craft, not a competition – and why it matters.

Sema CEO Matt Van Itallie recently wrote a new article for "This is Learning".


This is Learning is a community that shares my values: a love of coding, a belief in continuous learning and growth, and a commitment to collaboration – these are some of the best elements of the global community of developers and what we aim for at Sema.

I got to know This is Learning through a fabulous podcast about Code Reviews with Jay Bell earlier this year– check it out. I have all the time in the world to talk about mentoring and growing devs’ knowledge with people who care deeply about it too like Jay.

Finally, I am humbled to be here because I couldn’t ask for a better example of a person who represents the best of coding, a Co-Founder of This is Learning, Santosh Yadav. Santosh’s own story makes him an exemplar that coding is a path to incredible opportunities, including GitHub’s first Star in India – if you do the work. And having achieved this status, he has made it his priority to give back to others.

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