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AI Code Monitor Beta 2.2: Developer metrics, pure v. blended code, regulatory posture

Jan 31, 2024
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Those of you who are following Sema’s journey likely know, we’re building a new product called the AI Code Monitor (AICM), which helps enterprise technology leaders, investors, governance teams, technical partners at PE firms, and regulatory affairs professionals:

  • Understand the risks of investing in/acquiring tech and tech-enabled businesses given their use of GenAI code in the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).
  • Quantify the current level of developer productivity improvements using GenAI, and how to drive further gains.
  • Stay in compliance with the rapidly changing landscape of GenAI regulation affecting the SDLC.

We are building these capabilities at the request of our client base of leading enterprise engineering teams and technical partners at private equity firms, who share the expectation that by the end of 2024, GenAI code will be as widespread as Open Source. AICM will help companies respond to this paradigm shift systematically and at scale, to reap the benefits of GenAI code faster while preventing risks.

What we’ve added in 2.2 

  • Tailored information to your legal nexus. Use the settings page to specify your company name, industry, and where you have a geographic connection (i.e. developer base, customers). With this customization, you can better track compliance standards that may be applicable to your organization.
  • Rapid assessment for pure vs. blended code. Quickly detect, from your dashboard, how much code was created in part or in full by GenAI (i.e. of 10% of code that was copy/pasted, you can see that 9% came from a human, and 1% was blended).
  • Developer-level metrics. Toggle to a developer view, so you can see how individual developers are using GenAI. The AICM dashboard now shows how much each developer is using GenAI, and if they are using GenAI, how much is Pure (copy and paste from the GenAI tool) vs. Blended (modified by the developer).
  • Fast documentation. Automatically generate a GenAI Bill of Materials (GBOM), when you need one. There are now three tabs to the GBOM: GenAI usage at the function level (subset of file), GenAI usage at the repository level (new), GenAI usage by the developer (new).

Coming soon

  • Compliance standards updates. We’re adding more compliance standards to the database, with a focus on the United States at both the state and federal levels, that are applicable to GenAI code in the SDLC.
  • VS Code Widget. To make it easier for developers to get the most out of GenAI tools while the company stays in compliance, we're rolling out a VSCode widget where they can track their usage. See the notification in the bottom right.

See a demo of AICM

Keeping track of global GenAI compliance standards 

Periodically, Sema publishes a no-cost newsletter covering new developments in Gen AI code compliance. The newsletter shares snapshots and excerpts from Sema’s GenAI Code compliance Database. Topics include recent highlights of regulations, lawsuits, stakeholder requirements, mandatory standards, and optional compliance standards. The scope is global.

You can sign up to receive the newsletter here.

About Sema Technologies, Inc. 

Sema is the leader in comprehensive codebase scans with over $1T of enterprise software organizations evaluated to inform our dataset. We are now accepting pre-orders for AI Code Monitor, which translates compliance standards into “traffic light warnings” for CTOs leading fast-paced and highly productive engineering teams. You can learn more about our solution by contacting us here.


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