AI Advisory Councils

Join an exclusive group of technology leader peers to get benchmarking data on GenAI code adoption and share research, tips and tricks on AI adoption broadly.

What is the goal of AI Advisory Councils?

Councils are here to bridge the gap of not having existing benchmarking data on GenAI code usage.

Understanding the level of GenAI adoption in the SDLC, through tools like Copilot, Code Whisperer, and ChatGPT, is a critical question.

GenAI coding tools significantly increase developer productivity, and so measuring adoption increases business outcome delivery.

GenAI code usage also comes with risk- maintainability, security, IP, and exit risk.
Knowing how a codebase compares to peers contextualizes the true risk.

Understanding how much GenAI usage peer organizations are using helps Engineering leaders ensure they are maximizing the benefits while minimizing the risks.

Councils are designed as a confidential group of peers to share questions and get independent research on all aspects of AI adoption.

Frequently asked questions

Who can sign up for AI Advisory Councils?

As of July 2024, two Councils have started:

  • Senior Engineering Leaders AI Council for SVPs of Engineering and CTOs.
  • Engineering Leaders AI Council for VPs of Engineering and Engineering Managers.
  • A third Council is being formed for Senior Government AI Leaders.

What are requirements to join?

Ability to share high level quantitative data about GenAI SDLC usage from your team or organization. Learn more here on how to collect that information.

Who has joined?

Senior Technology leaders at companies backed by the top Private Equity firms have already signed up.

Is there a cost to join?


Do I have to be a customer of Sema to join?


Is there Swag?

Coming soon!

In the meantime, the first 100 Council signups get a free copy of TowardAI’s Building LLMs for Production.

How can I apply?

Complete the application form below and someone will be in touch soon.

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