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CTOs have to combine metrics from many different sources.

This takes too much time, and prevents CTOs from monitoring and managing their business.

Not having a CTO dashboard makes it harder to ensure compliance comprehensively, prepare metrics for the C-Suite and Board, manage third party development shops, integrate acquisitions, and make the business case for deeper investments in the codebase like technical debt reduction and security improvements.

Every other C-Suite member has a dashboard, it’s time that CTOs have one too.

There is not a CTO dashboard today

Our  impact


We are the leading comprehensive codebase scanning tool on the market having evaluated over $1T of Enterprise value as of August 2023.

This has generated an in-depth dataset that allows us to summarize Engineering metrics across the existing Engineering tools that each team uses. And it lets us provide specific, actionable recommendations for each organization’s specific size, stage, and industry.

Sema works with some of the world’s most amazing organizations


We have analyzed organizations in every industry

General Business

This is what’s coming in our CTO dashboard

Code Quality

Is the code good enough to be expanded? How much investment will be required to clean up technical debt?

Intellectual Property Risk

Might the code be legally required to be shared for free due to what third party code has been used?

Code Security

Are there risks to the code or client information being hacked?

Cyber Security

Have code or user credentials been hacked or accidentally shared? Is email set up to prevent phishing and spoofing?

Process Quality

How disciplined is the software development activity, and does it need to be improved?

Team Quality

Who are the experts in the code, who should definitely be retained to continue to maintain the code?

Cloud Cost

How much is the AWS/ other Cloud Provider bill? What are the potential opportunities for cost reduction?

What’s in the CTO Dashboard – Beta

  • The Beta version of the CTO Dashboard combines from GitHub, Snyk, Codacy and a leading Cyber Security tool.
  • It produces results about development process, code security, and cyber security.
  • Setup takes 15 minutes.
  • The Beta version is free and by invitation only.